Cyclamen hederifolium

  • Cyclamen hederifolium  hardy cyclamen
hardy cyclamen

Native to the Mediterranean regions of Europe, this tough and durable perennial is perfectly adapted to our California climate where it thrives in light shade and dryish conditions. Prolific fall bloomer with white to pink "v" shaped blossoms with swept back petals on 4-6 inch stems. Heart shaped leaves follow often with beautiful patterns variegation forming clumps to around 6 inches tall by a foot or so wide.  The foliage grows through the winter and spring going dormant with the dryness of summer, waiting to remerge with flowers in early autumn. Plant in light shade with moderate to infrequent summer water and woodsy, well drained soils.  Quite drought tolerant in coastal areas. Perfect for the rock garden, under trees and shrubs and a fine container subject too.  

Tends to be long lived and will self sow, but easily controlled and not a nuisance.

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