Sesleria 'Campo Azul'

  • Sesleria  'Campo Azul'  moor grass
moor grass

A distinctive cultivar introduced by Native Sons Nursery, selected from a seed flat of S. autumnalis. Thought to be of hybrid parentage, 'Campo Azul' is tolerant of a wide range of conditions. This handsome evergreen forms neat clumps of blue-gray blades, one foot or so tall and spreading to 2 ft. wide. The flowers are slender spikes of silvery-white and rise above the stiff blades to around 18 inches tall, summer through fall. Plant in full sun to light shade with moderate summer water. Afternoon shade is best in hot inland sites. This grass looks good year round and requires little maintenance. It does not respond to cutting back hard as some grasses do, but will tolerate a light trimming in late fall to freshen it's appearance. Useful deer resistant ground cover or meadow plant.

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