Aster (Eurybia) radulinus 'Gilliam Creek'

  • Aster (Eurybia) radulinus 'Gilliam Creek' rough-leaved aster
  • Aster (Eurybia) radulinus 'Gilliam Creek' rough-leaved aster
rough-leaved aster

This charming woodland aster makes its home in bright, dryish woods from the Channel Islands all the way up to the Oregon border and into the northern Sierras. Normally a shy, dainty little forest dweller, this selection from Sonoma County is far more robust, featuring large clusters of white-petaled daisies with white centers which turn yellow with age, and finally a deep maroon. Flower stalks reach up to 2 ft. high, much taller than is typical for the species. Serrated, deep green leaves form a high mat on this slowly spreading ground cover. An excellent plant for dry, woodland gardens, but will also tolerate moderate irrigation. One of the few excellent pollinator plants for the lightly shaded garden.

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