Calamagrostis foliosa x nutkaensis 'Little Nootka'

  • Calamagrostis foliosa x nutkaensis 'Little Nootka' reed grass
  • Calamagrostis foliosa x nutkaensis 'Little Nootka' reed grass
reed grass

This robust, but elegant bunchgrass was discovered by Cal Flora as a chance cross between the Pacific and Mendocino reed grasses. A beautiful garden plant which inherited useful traits from both parents. It’s shorter and denser than the Pacific reed grass, with foliage reaching up to about 1 ½ ft. high, but still retaining the lush, broad, green leaves. One can see the influence of the Mendocino reed grass in the broader form, spreading up to 3 ft. wide. The tight grass flowers are generally held upright on prolific stalks which rise to about a foot above the foliage. Plant in full sun near the coast, but provide some afternoon shade in hotter areas. Somewhat drought tolerant once established, accepting moderate to occasional irrigation. Deer resistant.

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