Erigeron linearis

  • Erigeron linearis  desert yellow fleabane
desert yellow fleabane

This native Erigeron grows in a number of western states, including California, where it is found in the mountains, on rocky slopes, sagebrush scrub and desert plant communities. Most Erigeron species flowers are white, pink or shades of purple, but this low growing, tufted perennial sports dime-sized, yellow daisies, in the late spring to early summer. The flower buds nod at first, then straighten as they open above the mound of narrow leaves, rising to around 8 inches or so tall and getting about as wide. A natural for the dry garden, rock garden, crevice, wall or container, where it gets full sun and excellent drainage. Bees and butterflies are attracted to the flowers, including several checkerspot butterfly species and the white-lined sphinx moth. 

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