Galvezia (Gambelia) speciosa 'Firecracker'

  • Galvezia (Gambelia) speciosa 'Firecracker' Island snapdragon
Island snapdragon

An interesting, evergreen subshrub from the California Channel Islands. Showy, deep-red, tubular flowers decorate the branch tips and are highly attractive to hummingbirds. The cultivar ‘Firecracker’ was selected by Tree of Life Nursery for its compact habit, growing 3 foot tall and 5 foot wide, with fuzzy, pale green leaves and larger, red, snapdragon-like flowers. A natural along the coast where it will grow in full sun to light shade, afternoon shade is best in hotter inland sites. Drought tolerant once established, but enjoys occasional summer water, especially away from the coast. Hardy to 15 -20 degrees F.

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