Hordeum brachyantherum

  • Hordeum brachyantherum  meadow barley
meadow barley

Native to a wide range of vernally wet plant communities throughout California and beyond. Once abundant throughout the Santa Rosa Valley where it could be found in grasslands, seasonal flood plains, moist meadow and open riparian areas.  Forms perennial clumps with blades 6-10 inches tall, flower stalks to 30 inches are topped with narrow spikes of purple tinged upward facing bristles, looking like a small version of a classic cereal grain seedhead. Tolerant of heavy clay, alkaline or saline soils.  Doesn't make a big impact standing alone,  best used in mass or in a blend of other native meadow grasses where its slender flower heads make a pleasing effect.  Plant in full sun with vernally wet soils.  Deer resistant.

Fast growing cool season grass which flowers in the spring.

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