Lewisia cotyledon

  • Lewisia cotyledon  cliff maids
  • Lewisia cotyledon  cliff maids
cliff maids

Named for Meriwether Lewis, this attractive succulent is native to higher elevations in Northern California and Southern Oregon, typically granite outcrops. The flowers which usually emerge in spring and summer, can range in color from yellow to orange to pink to red. These frost hardy plants form evergreen rosettes, approx. 8 - 10” tall by a foot or so wide. Lewisias need very good, sharp drainage, are heavy feeders, and love a granite rock mulch. They like to be grown sideways, in rock walls, where their crown can drain any moisture away. Plant somewhat high in a fast draining mix and feed every now and then. Morning sun, afternoon shade is best inland. Water as you would any succulent, sparingly, and keep the crown high and dry.

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