Elymus (Leymus) condensatus 'Lottie's Choice'

  • Elymus (Leymus) condensatus 'Lottie's Choice' giant wild rye
giant wild rye

An exceptional form of giant wild rye selected by Roger Raiche from the Santa Lucia Mts. in southern Monterey County. A big, bold and beautiful native grass with stunning, wide, silver blades 4 ft. or more tall. Dense flower spikes rise on tall stems  to 7 ft. or more in the summer. Spreads slowly to form substantial clumps. A dramatic specimen that needs room to sprawl, and benefits from adjacent shrubs or structures to lean on. Cutting down old growth each spring will renew and showcase the gorgeous new stems and leaves. Best in full sun to light shade with moderate to infrequent water once established. Deer resistant.

Photograph taken by Roger Raiche, extraordinary plantsman, founding partner of Planet Horticulture Landscape and Garden Design Studio and CNPS Fellow.

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