Lilium pardalinum 'Giganteum'

  • Lilium  pardalinum 'Giganteum' giant leopard lily
giant leopard lily

A towering lily reaching up to 7 feet tall with orange and crimson flowers 3 to 4 inches wide. Who can resist that! Believed to have been discovered along the Van Duzen River in Northern California and thought to be a natural cross between L. humboldtii and L. pardalinum. The large stalks are crowned in summer by layers of flowers up to 30 in number with whorls of large leaves ascending up the base. Forms colonies over time to dramatic effect. Plant in full sun near the coast but protect from the hot afternoon sun, inland. Needs moderate water but is intolerant of soggy soils. Tolerates drier soil than the typical leopard lily.






Luther Burbank originally claimed responsibility for creating this hybrid when it was found behind a barn in southern Oregon. This was later refuted by Lee Harris who discovered the original specimens growing naturally along the banks of the Van Duzen River.

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