Lilium pardalinum (Gualala River)

  • Lilium  pardalinum (Gualala River)  leopard lily
  • Lilium  pardalinum (Gualala River)  leopard lily
leopard lily

The leopard lily is highly prized among plant collectors for its tall slender stalks with bright orange and crimson flowers peppered with maroon spots. This selection was discovered along the Gualala River by Roger Warner and features stupendously large flowers 4 – 5 inches wide. At maturity, one stalk can display more than a dozen flowers. The leaves are bright green and lanceolate, forming whorls around the stalk. These bulb-like plants emerge in early spring, bloom in summer and then go dormant in the autumn. Plant in brightly dappled shade. Provide decent drainage and moderate water. May tolerate infrequent irrigation once established but won’t bloom as vigorously.

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