Nemophila menziesii - Frosty Blue

  • Nemophila menziesii - Frosty Blue  baby blue eyes
baby blue eyes

An interesting seed strain of the charming, ANNUAL baby blue eyes. Found in many habitat types throughout California, this beauty has long been in cultivation. The slender, succulent, lobed leaves grow 4 - 6 inches tall, spreading and spilling about 1 ft wide. The "Frosty" in the name refers to the silvery color to the foliage, which contrast nicely with the profusion of gorgeous, bright, baby-blue blossoms. Spectacular in drifts, where it can spill and cascade, at the front of a garden bed, in meadow plantings, rock gardens or in containers. Plant in full sun to light shade where it is early to bloom during the cool of spring. Hot weather triggers seed production. The large black seeds are relished by birds. Reseeds readily.

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