Potentilla (Dasiphora) fruticosa

  • Potentilla (Dasiphora) fruticosa  shrubby cinquefoil
  • Potentilla (Dasiphora) fruticosa  shrubby cinquefoil
shrubby cinquefoil

A popular landscape subject, valued for its long bloom period, hardiness and carefree nature. A member of the rose family, this deciduous shrub can be found across the northern hemisphere, often growing at higher elevations. Here in California, it ocurrs in the Sierras, the Klamath Mountains and the Warners. Grows 2 -3 ft tall and wide with handsome, pinnately compound leaves. Cheerful, rich-yellow, saucer-shaped flowers bloom over a long period, summer into fall. Plant in full sun to light shade with moderate watering. Drought tolerant once established. Attracts bees and butterflies. Great in a pot. Deer resistant.

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