Salvia spathacea 'Avis Keedy'

  • Salvia spathacea 'Avis Keedy' yellow-flowered hummingbird sage
  • Salvia spathacea 'Avis Keedy' yellow-flowered hummingbird sage
yellow-flowered hummingbird sage

An interesting yellow-flowered form of the normally magenta flowered hummingbird sage, introduced by the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden. Discovered in an oak woodland in Santa Barbara County, this cultivar has unusual lemon yellow petals that fade to creamy white and are backed by lime green bracts. Forms the usual fragrant, spreading mat of large leaves topped with three foot tall flower stalks with distinctive whorls of flowers in the spring. Best with part shade unless directly along the coast and an occasional summer watering to keep it going through the summer. Without summer water will go summer dormant reviving with the rains. A bee and hummingbird favorite. Deer resistant.

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