Triteleia laxa 'Silver Queen'

  • Triteleia laxa 'Silver Queen' Ithuriel's spear
  • Triteleia laxa 'Silver Queen' Ithuriel's spear
Ithuriel's spear

A white form of Ithuriel’s spear?! We kid you not. You may be familiar with this species and its traditionally blue-purple, trumpet-shaped flowers perched in whorls atop stalks up to a foot tall. We now have a selection featuring soft white flowers. This native bulb sends up grass-like foliage in the winter followed by the charming flowers in spring and early summer. The bulbs multiply readily, forming small colonies over time. While it tolerates dry conditions in summer, it will also accept occasional irrigation, making it very useful in the garden. Enjoys full sun to light shade and will tolerate clay soil. 

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