Amorpha californica var. napensis

  • Amorpha californica var. napensis  Napa false indigo
Napa false indigo

A lovely and uncommon native shrub of the pea family, occasionally seen in woodland and chaparral communities in the coast ranges around the San Francisco Bay Area. Offering a delicate, airy quality, this deciduous shrub grows 2-6 ft. tall. Intricate flowers are closely set on slender spikes and are made up of a tiny intense indigo-purple petal with protruding bright orange stamens, charming on close inspection. This rare and threatened shrub is the larval food source for the California dogface butterfly, our state insect! Bees and butterflies nectar on the flowers as well. Best in lightly shaded areas with oocasional to no summer water needed once established. Deer resistant.

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