Baccharis pilularis - Bodega Dunes form

  • Baccharis pilularis - Bodega Dunes form  prostrate coyote bush
  • Baccharis pilularis - Bodega Dunes form  prostrate coyote bush
prostrate coyote bush

Coyote bush is a tough, native, evergreen shrub, forming mounds of dense foliage that hold soil and provide food and cover for birds and mammals. Flowers are small and cream-colored and appear in the autumn. This crop is grown from seed collected in the Bodega Bay Dunes from parents that were under two feet tall and around 6 ft or so wide. Time will reveal the exact form and sex of each plant in this crop. Both male and female plants have significant habitat value, with their combined contributions of abundant pollen, nectar and copious seed late in the season.  It will be a surprise as well as a useful addition to the habitat garden. Plant in full sun, though a little shade is helpful in hotter sites. Shear occasionally to renovate and keep dense. Drought tolerant on the coast, but best with occasional water inland. Deer resistant.

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