Eriogonum parvifolium 'Moss Landing'

seacliff buckwheat

Native to coastal bluffs of the central and south coast. Forms a mounding shrub 2 ft. or more tall by 2 – 3 ft. wide with thick, dark green, triangular shaped leaves often with a reddish tinge, and white and woolly beneath. Round pom-poms of white to pink flowers over a long period late spring and summer, fade to an attractive russet brown. A natural for coastal areas where it grows fast in full sun with good drainage and is very drought tolerant once established. Inland, a little afternoon shade is recommended. Looks great on slopes or draping over walls.  An important pollinator plant, appealing to a wide array of insects. In its native range, the rare and endangered El Segundo blue butterfly relies exclusively on this species in all stages of its life cycle. Deer tolerant.





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