Populus fremontii

  • Populus fremontii  Fremont's cottonwood
  • Populus fremontii  Fremont's cottonwood
Fremont's cottonwood

Fast growing riparian tree, native to watercourses throughout California. A tall and dramatic tree, 50 - 75 feet tall, with a spreading, open crown. The leaves are shiny, triangular to heart shaped, with coarsely serrated margins and flattened petioles. Turns beautiful shades of brilliant yellow in the autumn. The wind causes the leaves to flutter and rustle, making a whispering sound. Cottonwoods can be either male or female, with the female trees producing masses of cottony seeds. When young, the bark is smooth and silver gray, becoming thick and furrowed with age. They have wide spreading surface roots and sucker sprouts. An important wildlife plant, providing food and cover for a wide array of insects and birds. This major riparian species provides rich habitat value, soil stabilization, and expansive shade. Plant in full sun with plenty of space and regular to occasional irrigation.

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