Quercus tomentella

  • Quercus tomentella  island oak
  • Quercus tomentella  island oak
island oak

The rarest of all California oaks, an ancient relict of the mainland, now confined to the Channel Islands, off the coast of southern California. Island oak is a small evergreen tree with a rounded canopy, 25 to 40 foot tall. Beautiful dark-green, shiny, leathery leaves with prominent parallel veins are edged with widely spaced teeth. Whitish woolly hairs cover the growing tips, undersides of leaves, and the caps of the 1 inch long acorns.  A natural for gardens with coastal influence where it will be drought tolerant once established. Tolerant of many soil conditions, but attains full stature in deeper soils in sheltered locations. Oaks provide beauty, shade and food and cover for a wide array of wildlife.





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