Rhamnus (Frangula) californica 'Ed Holm'

  • Rhamnus (Frangula) californica 'Ed Holm' dwarf California coffeeberry
  • Rhamnus (Frangula) californica 'Ed Holm' dwarf California coffeeberry
dwarf California coffeeberry

Prized by gardeners for its low, dense habit and shiny, leathery leaves.  This special selection of coffeeberry was discovered along Skyline Dr. in the northern Santa Cruz Mountains.  Clusters of small, creamy flowers are produced from spring through fall and are followed by penny-sized, deep purple fruits.  Over time, 'Ed Holm' will reach a height of up to 3 ft. and a width up to 6 ft..  Plant in full sun to light shade.  Protect from the hot afternoon sun in hot areas and give moderate to infrequent irrigation.  The blossoms are a favorite of bees. 

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