Rhamnus crocea

  • Rhamnus crocea  spiny redberry
spiny redberry

An under-used evergreen shrub native to chaparral, woodland, and coastal-sage scrub communities in California. Spiny redberry can grow up to 6 feet tall and wider, but is typically in the 2 - 4 ft. height range, spreading to 6 ft. or more across. Small, leathery, dark-green ovate leaves give this tough shrub a delicate look once established. The flowers on both male and female plants are inconspicuous, blooming from late winter into early spring. Female plants produce sporadic, jelly-like red berries. Great for dappled light under oaks, or a dry, shady woodland slope with California fescue. Can tolerate more sun near the coast, but prefers afternoon shade inland. Drought-tolerant once established. Larval host for a multitude of butterflies and moths, including the pale tiger swallowtail butterfly, Ceanothus silk moth, and Hermes copper butterfly. Deer resistant.

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