Ribes divaricatum var. pubiflorum

  • Ribes divaricatum var. pubiflorum  spreading gooseberry
  • Ribes divaricatum var. pubiflorum  spreading gooseberry
spreading gooseberry

Native to coastal scrub, moist woods and shady canyons of the Pacific coast from British Columbia south through much of coastal California. This gooseberry is perhaps the most tasty of all of our native Ribes. The berries have the added benefit of being free of thorns. Forms an arching shrub 3-5 ft. tall and wide with thorns at the leaf nodes. The tiny flowers are composed of reddish sepals and white petals that dangle beneath the branches and are attractive to hummingbirds. The small, blue-black berries are relished by birds. Plant in light shade with some summer moisture. Will tolerate full sun near the coast. Useful as a barrier, hedgerow or habitat plant where it provides excellent food and thorny cover for birds.

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