Ribes roezlii

  • Ribes roezlii  Sierra gooseberry
  • Ribes roezlii  Sierra gooseberry
Sierra gooseberry

The Sierra gooseberry's natural range is far beyond the Sierras, with varieties growing in the mountains of northern, southern and central California. Forms an arching shrub of thorny branches with pretty, little scalloped leaves, 2 - 4 ft. tall and wide. Pendant flowers are made up of burgundy-red sepals and small white to pink petals with protruding stamens, looking something like miniature fuchsias. Custom built for hummingbirds. In spring, showy, rounded fruits covered with prickles follow the flowers, starting out green and ripening to red, spiny globes which are relished by birds. This charming shrub is a lovely addition to the woodland garden where they receive light to moderate shade and are drought tolerant once established. Needs good drainage.

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