Baccharis salicifolia

  • Baccharis salicifolia  mule fat
  • Baccharis salicifolia  mule fat
  • Baccharis salicifolia  mule fat
mule fat

This native shrub looks something like a willow in foliage and is found in similar habitats in California and the southwest US. Not a willow at all, but a member of the aster family, this evergreen shrub blooms nearly year round, making it a powerhouse for pollinators. The profusion of small, creamy white, fuzzy flowers, tinged with pink or red are highly attractive to butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects. Extremely tough and easy to grow in full sun with summer water, where it will grow 6 - 12 feet tall and wide with rich, green foliage. Able to survive drier conditions than a willow could handle, but it will look rough if it gets too dry. Responds well to pruning and can be cut down to six inches to refresh. Excellent screen, windbreak and for soil stabilization. Stellar for attracting pollinators.

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