vine maple
Sierra maple
Steens Mountain yarrow
woolly yarrow
five-finger fern
southern maidenhair fern
Tracy's maidenhair fern
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
anise hyssop
licorice mint
sickle leaf onion
single leaf onion
western white anemone
rosy pussy toes
golden columbine
western columbine
Sierra columbine
rose rock cress
Arroyo de la Cruz manzanita
Dutchman's pipe vine
meadow arnica, chamisso arnica
white-flowered wild ginger
wild ginger
marbled wild ginger
maidenhair spleenwort
hardy begonia
gold carpet bur marigold
eye lash grass
brook saxifrage
pink California brodiaea
crown brodiaea
harvest brodiaea
shrubby hare's ear
Pacific reed grass
yellow mariposa tulip
large flowered star tulip
golden Adriatic bellflower
Serbian bellflower
white Serbian bellflower
California harebell
basket sedge
torrent sedge
San Diego sedge
orange-leaved sedge
curl-leaf mountain mahogany
Lawson's cypress
hairy lip fern
desert willow
narrowleaf soap root
candy stripe, Indian lettuce
bush clematis, Mongolian bells
virgin's bower
variegated Tatarian dogwood
western redtwig dogwood
hardy cyclamen
umbrella plant, indian rhubarb
umbrella plant, indian rhubarb
firecracker flower
broad-leaved shooting star
giant chalk Dudleya
canyon liveforever
mission lettuce
bluff lettuce
chalk liveforever
Catalina Island Dudleya
California fuchsia
California fuschia
stream orchid
seaside daisy
subalpine fleabane
pink seaside daisy
seaside daisy
wicker buckwheat
Point Reyes wallflower
giant fawn lily
western fescue
creeping red fescue
fraise de bois
woodland strawberry
autumn sneezeweed
coastal sneezeweed
California sunflower
hairy sunflower
Sargent cypress
Our Lord's candle
roundleaf alumroot
smooth alumroot
shaggy haired alumroot
pink alumroot
soft rush
California grey rush
California grey rush
Grecian laurel
pitcher sage
cliff maids
giant leopard lily
leopard lily
Point Reyes meadowfoam
Western blue flax
cardinal flower
coral honeysuckle
small-flowered woodrush
golden great woodrush
false lily of the valley
slim false Solomon's seal
silverheels horehound
monkey flower
coastal monkeyflower
common monkeyflower
ornamental oregano
ornamental oregano
ornamental oregano
ornamental oregano
ornamental oregano
dwarf culinary oregano
small leaved oregano
small leaved oregano
ornamental oregano
redwood sorrel
border penstemon
Davidson's penstemon
shrubby penstemon
mountain pride
golden western coltsfoot
western coltsfoot
desert bluebells
western mock orange
lippia / turkey tangle frog fruit
sugar pine
seaside plantain
evergreen polypody
huckleberry oak
spreading gooseberry
California coneflower
waxy coneflower
Western coneflower
California skullcap
Pacific stonecrop
blue carpet, Spanish stonecrop
Japanese stonecrop
Pacific stonecrop
hen and chicks, houseleeks
Kelly's prostrate coast redwood
prostrate coast redwood
Point Reyes checkerbloom
Henderson's checkermallow
Siskiyou checkerbloom
Sierra checkerbloom
dwarf blue-eyed grass
variegated blue-eyed grass
blue-eyed grass
apricot mallow
western spirea, rose spirea
California hedgenettle
pink chintz thyme
juniper thyme
golden piggy-back plant
golden piggy-back plant
California nutmeg
Fremont's starlily
white brodiaea
Ithuriel's spear
Ithuriel's spear
evergreen huckleberry
evergreen huckleberry
fringed cornlily
Cedros Island verbena
marsh violet
giant chain fern