Steens Mountain yarrow
woolly yarrow
Californica buckeye
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
hummingbird mint
anise hyssop
licorice mint
sickle leaf onion
pearly everlasting
sharptooth angelica
Brewer's angelica
California angelica
bluff angelica
sea watch
foothill angelica
rosy pussy toes
Rocky Mountain columbine
serpentine columbine
western columbine
Sierra columbine
elk clover, spikenard
meadow arnica, chamisso arnica
California sagebrush
California sagebrush
prostrate California sagebrush
coastal mugwort
goat's beard
heart leaf milkweed
narrowleaf milkweed
showy milkweed
coyote bush, desert broom
marsh baccharis, false willow
Nevin's barberry
eye lash grass
brook saxifrage
pink California brodiaea
crown brodiaea
harvest brodiaea
tufted pine grass
Pacific reed grass
serpentine reed grass
red fairyduster, zapotillo
Wine Cups, Purple Poppy Mallow, Buffalo Rose
yellow mariposa tulip
western spice bush
purple western morning glory
golden Adriatic bellflower
California harebell
San Diego sedge
California bush anemone
California lilac
desert willow
narrowleaf soap root
cobweb thistle
ruby chalice Clarkia
candy stripe, Indian lettuce
bush clematis, Mongolian bells
chaparral clematis
virgin's bower
western redtwig dogwood
California oatgrass
Columbian larkspur
island bush poppy
western bleeding heart
firecracker flower
giant chalk Dudleya
canyon liveforever
mission lettuce
bluff lettuce
chalk liveforever
purple coneflower
California bottlebrush grass
bush sunflower
California fuchsia
California fuschia
California fuchsia
California fuchsia
California fuchsia
California fuchsia
California fuchsia
California fuchsia
mock heather
showy rabbitbrush
seaside daisy
subalpine fleabane
pink seaside daisy
seaside daisy
Santa Cruz Island buckwheat
saffron buckwheat
California buckwheat
St. Catherine's Lace
coastal bluff buckwheat
naked buckwheat
sulphur flower buckwheat
golden sulphur flower buckwheat
wicker buckwheat
Point Reyes wallflower
San Francisco wallflower
Menzie's wallflower
California poppy coastal form
western flat topped goldenrod
California fescue
giant California fescue
western fescue
creeping red fescue
creeping red fescue
fraise de bois
woodland strawberry
Great Valley gum plant
hairy gum plant
autumn sneezeweed
Bigelow's sneezeweed
coastal sneezeweed
California helianthella
common sunflower
California sunflower
hairy sunflower
cow parsnip
Our Lord's candle
coral bells
coral bells
smooth alumroot
shaggy haired alumroot
Island alum root
seaside alum root
cream bush, ocean spray
Del Norte County iris
soft rush
California grey rush
California grey rush
heartleaf keckiella
hillside pea, Pacific pea
dwarf English lavender
English lavender
white flowered English lavender
Island mallow, malva rosa
pitcher sage
pitcher sage
cenizo, Texas sage, Texas ranger
cliff maids
spotted Humboldt lily
giant leopard lily
leopard lily
alpine lily, Sierra tiger lily
Western blue flax
cardinal flower
western trumpet honeysuckle
California honeysuckle, hairy honeysuckle
coral honeysuckle
goldflame honeysuckle
Douglas' silver bush lupine
elegant tarweed
false lily of the valley
fat false Solomon's seal
slim false Solomon's seal
chaparral bush mallow
fremont's bush mallow
Jones's bush mallow
Santa Lucia bush mallow
silverheels horehound
monkey flower
red sticky monkeyflower
sticky monkeyflower
scarlet monkeyflower
coastal monkeyflower
common monkeyflower
mountain coyote mint, mountain pennyroyal
coyote mint
Pacific wax myrtle
California primrose
ornamental oregano
ornamental oregano
ornamental oregano
ornamental oregano
dwarf culinary oregano
ornamental oregano
Moroccan poppy
border penstemon
azure penstemon
Davidson's penstemon
firecracker penstemon
shrubby penstemon
foothill penstemon
white foothill penstemon
mountain pride
scented penstemon
yellow pineleaf penstemon
Bridges' penstemon
Venus penstemon, elegant penstemon
woodland phacelia
California phacelia
desert bluebells
large-flowered phacelia
tansy leaf phacelia
western mock orange
Jerusalem sage
woolly Jerusalem sage
purple phlomis
lippia / turkey tangle frog fruit
western ninebark
seaside plantain
slender cinquefoil
California hoptree
western buttercup
hollyleaf redberry
California coffeeberry
dwarf California coffeeberry
dwarf California coffeeberry
matilija poppy
wood rose
Nootka rose
Sonoma rose
double-flowered thimbleberry
California blackberry
California coneflower
waxy coneflower
Western coneflower
Aromas sage
calamity Jane sage
compact white sage
white sage
Brandegee sage
Canary Island sage
germander sage
Galeana sage
autumn sage
grape-scented sage